Monday, March 2, 2009

Things in life that I hellalalalal LOVE...

This list will be an on-going list, i'll keep adding to it as i discover more things that make me happy. :)

1. Ice cream sandwiches; neopolitan or original vanilla. Shit is THE bomb and has always been my fave.

2. Places that are 'take your breath away' status. In example, Skyview Drive in Seaside, Mt. Soledad in SD, Twin Peaks in SF (Google that shit, these are some good places to hit up if you're ever in the area). Pretty much any place that really captures the beauty of the city and it's lights. Just really pausing to take a moment to enjoy life and everything around you. That kinda deep shit haha

3. Eating out with a significant other. I really enjoy dining at a place that's very unique in it's ambience as it is with the food that it serves. Extraordinary Desserts is one of my faves. Mainly cos it's a good date restaurant with nice decor, and they serve hella decadent desserts. One of me and my boyfriend's regular places we go to when I'm in town now. :)

4. The kinda friends where you hit them up every other 5 months, but when you speak to them it's as if not a day has passed by since you've seen them. I really REALLY love that kinda shit. They just make me feel so comfortable in talking to them, and I know that time apart won't phase us.

5. Being high as fuck with funny ass people. Things just get THAT much funnier and life just feels that much better.

6. Chipotle chicken burrito bowls. Extra lettuce, extra sour cream, extra corn, with dressing. So fucken dank. Free drink cos I work at the mall too.

7. People who definitely OWN it with their wardrobe and have like a really unique sense of style. As in I could picture no one else but them PULLING IT OFF. Big ups. Especially when they don't have such a conforming figure or not the cutest face. Anyone who pretty much exudes confidence and doesn't give a fuck about what others think. Inspires meeee

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