Thursday, February 26, 2009


Too bad i quit smoking....although i'm having second thoughts about that decision hahaHAHA WHO KNOWS :p

But i JUST RECENTLY GOT MY CABLE BACK, wooooo! And i was watching this cartoon. Then i thought how epic it would be to watch this while helllllllllllllla faded. OMG you don't even know how excited i was while watching this and imagining myself just ROFLMAO status. There's just hella random shit in it that make me giggle. ENJOY SUCKAS

Monday, February 23, 2009


So i've seriously been thinking about getting a tattoo. But i'm sure i'm getting it all for the wrong reasons. Eh....FUCK IT

So i've been wanting a peacock or peacock feather incorporated in it. With cherry blossoms. Kind of a mix between these...

Except only the flowers, no stem/branch

And more colorful peacock feathers

Or something bad ass along the lines of Angelina Jolie's shoulder and back tattoo.

Something that would definitely be UNIQUELY me. Marc Jacob's status

Except not so bold with the spongebob hahaha


I can't get over alexander wang's fall 2008, although his fall 2009 collection has already come out. Or maybe because i'm in love with that loose fitting silhouette and greys/blacks/whites.

Must have that zipper skirt

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virgin blog no more

FIRST BLOG POST, woo. So now i have a total of 3 blogs: livejournal, xanga (HA), plus this one.

Why so many? It's always fun dickin around with what features each 'online journal' server provides. Plus there are many more interesting ones that i follow whom are with blogspot.

Ok for those of you who might be like WTF IS UP WITH THIS USERNAME? HARROKERRY? fucken hello kitty wannabe.

INSIDE JOKE, most of my friends associate me with hello kitty cos i have a round face like hers (yes round as fuhhhhh. no whiskers or yellow nose though) and it's just something to laugh at. And they think i'm obsessed....but owning ONLY AND SOLELY a lamp and alarm clock doesn't mean i got a cartoon i?