Sunday, March 29, 2009

The world has seemed to slow down

I feel like time is flying by a lot slower than usual.

And I've noticed that my skin is lacking sunlight. I'm losing my melanin, and I used to be a real good tan. My makeup looks too dark for me now. what the EFF >:|

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair of black chunky gladiator/gothic heels. Just saw Sex and the City movie for the first time. I've been admiring these pair of shoes, but finally seeing Sarah Jessica Parker in those Dior cut out sandals.....ah I must get my hands on something similar.

Checked out the new Forever 21 in Salinas, it's claimed to be the largest in northern California. It is...but it doesn't really live up to the hype. It pretty much just feels like how it is, Mervyn's make shift Forever 21. Plain white tile and grey carpeting from their former tenants, but with Forever 21 clothes on the racks. It would probably carry as much clothing/accessories, if not just a little more, as any other store. The only difference is there are no really bright lights or bright white linoleum floor. The racks are spaced farther apart, so no fightin for the cute sweater with the bitch next to you. I don't know about you, but all of that hassle from other F21s just didn't impress me.

But i did cop a pair of knock off American Apparel nylon leggins, HOLLA

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can it be forever already? B/c I wanna love you forever

It was a real good weekend. I wish weekends had more days in it.

We didn't go to SF b/c of the shitty weather. And I didn't use my camera, sorrrrrryz. But we hit up hella food placessss. Yummmmmmy. Had the most bombest falafel (which is mid-eastern food, fried chickpeas, lettuce, tomato in a pita with hot sauce & this yogurt based sauce) with a banana shake. Sooooo good. Hit it up if you're in Santa Clara near Santana Row, Falafel's Drive In.

It was like food heaven all weekend. Ramen house, Pasta Pomodoro, Pinkberry, Sushi O Sushi, Tartini's crepe, Red Crane's asian fusion, falafel, homemade Viet food, Kara's cupcakes.

And we baked cupcakes :) Also went to go see "He's Just Not That Into You." Pretty much an ideal date weekend, only if it was warmer. Mmm, here's that crepe from Tartini's

Banana, nutella, whipped cream, choco sauce. DELICIOUS

Yea, we're pretty much food fanatics.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have been so looking forward towards this weekend. Hitting up San Jose to see my boo, and then hopefully if there's good weather then we will hop on the BART to explore San Fran. Sooooooooo excited. I will put my camera to good use :D

And hopefullllllllly have enough time/money/gas to go to CONCORD to see my number 1 bitch.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dirty hair is better than clean hair?

Dirty hair is gross. But cmon, honestly I hate showering everyday. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of 'getting right out of the shower' clean. But I hate that it takes me literally over an hour just to get ready. The majority of the time definitely goes towards air drying my hair, b/c it gets so frizzy and dry if I run the blow dryer through it.

Anyway, so what I like to do is wash my hair every other day. I'm in the process of 'training it' to be able to adapt to the change. I concluded that since I wash it everyday, and with it being all frizzed out just gets dry. So my body compensates for the oil depletion by producing even more oils to keep my hair nicely conditioned and anti-dandruffy. Makes sense? So maybe if I stop showering on the daily, maybe once every other day (2-3 days is PUSHING the questions towards maintaining good hygiene, of mine & others haha) so that my body would sense that it does not need to produce as much oils. Hence making me have more free time to sleep, and saving more water and shampoo. :)

In the meantime, I've google'd up on some dry shampoos. Which comes in a hairspray can, and you just spray it into your roots and I'm assuming that it kinda sprays a powder or drying agent to soak up your natural oils. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I might give it a try.

Also, another thing to mention....the difference between expensive salon shampoos/conditioners from your local drugstore's shampoo is that there is more water in the salon ones. So I guess it's a more mild and gentle formula on your hair than harsh shampoo'ing and stripping your tresses of natural oils.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


As of late, I've just been trying to keep busy with school work. But it's hard to do something when you're not motivated much.

Anyway, I don't know how well I'm doing but it shouldn't be too bad. KEEP YO FINGAS CROSSED. I've been trying to remake that Alex Wang zipper skirt in my fashion class. But I'm using some cheap-o black stretch denim. I effed up with lining up the fabric, but oh wellz. I'll give you a pic of the product.

And sigh....wasteful weekends. If I ever make a list of things I HATE, that will definitely be on it. Uneventful weekends, where you WANT to do something to kinda take a break from the madness week days. But you don't have anything extraordinary to do. =/

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little productive

Finally made a collage to put on my binder! I sometimes open my binder like upside down or backwards cos I can't tell the back from the front, hopefully this'll help while makin it look bettaaaa.

Madness during the process...

Then the final product! Eff my life if it don't fit. x_x

Monday, March 2, 2009

Things in life that I hellalalalal LOVE...

This list will be an on-going list, i'll keep adding to it as i discover more things that make me happy. :)

1. Ice cream sandwiches; neopolitan or original vanilla. Shit is THE bomb and has always been my fave.

2. Places that are 'take your breath away' status. In example, Skyview Drive in Seaside, Mt. Soledad in SD, Twin Peaks in SF (Google that shit, these are some good places to hit up if you're ever in the area). Pretty much any place that really captures the beauty of the city and it's lights. Just really pausing to take a moment to enjoy life and everything around you. That kinda deep shit haha

3. Eating out with a significant other. I really enjoy dining at a place that's very unique in it's ambience as it is with the food that it serves. Extraordinary Desserts is one of my faves. Mainly cos it's a good date restaurant with nice decor, and they serve hella decadent desserts. One of me and my boyfriend's regular places we go to when I'm in town now. :)

4. The kinda friends where you hit them up every other 5 months, but when you speak to them it's as if not a day has passed by since you've seen them. I really REALLY love that kinda shit. They just make me feel so comfortable in talking to them, and I know that time apart won't phase us.

5. Being high as fuck with funny ass people. Things just get THAT much funnier and life just feels that much better.

6. Chipotle chicken burrito bowls. Extra lettuce, extra sour cream, extra corn, with dressing. So fucken dank. Free drink cos I work at the mall too.

7. People who definitely OWN it with their wardrobe and have like a really unique sense of style. As in I could picture no one else but them PULLING IT OFF. Big ups. Especially when they don't have such a conforming figure or not the cutest face. Anyone who pretty much exudes confidence and doesn't give a fuck about what others think. Inspires meeee