Sunday, February 22, 2009

Virgin blog no more

FIRST BLOG POST, woo. So now i have a total of 3 blogs: livejournal, xanga (HA), plus this one.

Why so many? It's always fun dickin around with what features each 'online journal' server provides. Plus there are many more interesting ones that i follow whom are with blogspot.

Ok for those of you who might be like WTF IS UP WITH THIS USERNAME? HARROKERRY? fucken hello kitty wannabe.

INSIDE JOKE, most of my friends associate me with hello kitty cos i have a round face like hers (yes round as fuhhhhh. no whiskers or yellow nose though) and it's just something to laugh at. And they think i'm obsessed....but owning ONLY AND SOLELY a lamp and alarm clock doesn't mean i got a cartoon i?

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