Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can it be forever already? B/c I wanna love you forever

It was a real good weekend. I wish weekends had more days in it.

We didn't go to SF b/c of the shitty weather. And I didn't use my camera, sorrrrrryz. But we hit up hella food placessss. Yummmmmmy. Had the most bombest falafel (which is mid-eastern food, fried chickpeas, lettuce, tomato in a pita with hot sauce & this yogurt based sauce) with a banana shake. Sooooo good. Hit it up if you're in Santa Clara near Santana Row, Falafel's Drive In.

It was like food heaven all weekend. Ramen house, Pasta Pomodoro, Pinkberry, Sushi O Sushi, Tartini's crepe, Red Crane's asian fusion, falafel, homemade Viet food, Kara's cupcakes.

And we baked cupcakes :) Also went to go see "He's Just Not That Into You." Pretty much an ideal date weekend, only if it was warmer. Mmm, here's that crepe from Tartini's

Banana, nutella, whipped cream, choco sauce. DELICIOUS

Yea, we're pretty much food fanatics.

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  1. I'm so HONGRY ! heeeheee and i like your falafel description,it reminds me of how you always know useful random shit!