Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mission to get that 'fresh, dewey' face

I've always been enticed by that fresh face look with the dewy glow. It just looks effortless and natural.

So with that said, I've found a few products to help.

Highlighters. No, not that neon orange markers. But a powder or cream eyeshadow helps. I use Mac's eyeshadow Nylon. It's a frosty, pearlescent yellow shade. It's really nice for putting on the inner part of your eye to make them pop and look brighter. Or put it on the brow bone, and a little on the apples of your cheeks to brighten those areas up. Just make them stand out more.

Face sprays. Ok, I've been on the hunt for this one. It's used to spray on after you put on all of your makeup. I've heard others describe it as 'giving a seamless look to your makeup. Kinda blending and meshing everything together appearing as if you're not wearing makeup at all. And getting rid of that powdery look.' People also use em to transform their mineral foundation into a creamier and smoother makeup. Spray a little on your foundation brush, dip it in the powder, then do your thing. And the spray not only gives you that dewey fresh faced look, but it also claims to hydrate your skin. Which is always a plus.

Mac Fix spray I heard works GREAT. But for 1.5 oz for 20 dollars......There should be a better alternative. The only down side to it other than the price, I'd assume, is that it's in a spray bottle form. So it wouldn't give you a nice mist on your face, but a real water spray. So you would probably have sweat-like beads when you spray it on.

Evian also has a spray, but it's in an aerosol bottle, so it'd give you a much finer mist. Another competitor is the Aquafina Hydration Facial Spray. Which is the same thing, but for much cheaper. I've heard it's at the Dollar Tree. So $1 for a bottle of dewey fresh face? STEAL.

EXCEPT it's SO HARD TO FIND IT. Even the Evian mist. Of course Mac is everywhere, but I really want to try the other sprays. So hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a bottle soon. Or else I'll have to opt for Mac Fix.


  1. oooh let me know if you find it! and post whatever you had the other day, so i can copy you like a ***** i would know! follow my blog too, please! then i will have a reason to post.
    this is marisa btw...

  2. The evian is available in a travel size 2 pack 1.7oz each exclusively from Sephora for $12 and the 10oz version available for $15. But i use the Sephora brand tricks of the trade radiance mist 1.6oz for $12. Hope this helps!